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Benefits of Coconut Oil in Evoke Skincare Products

  1. Defending Skin from Damaging Microorganisms
    The fatty acids that coconut oil contains, namely lauric and capric acid, are fantastic at keeping skin healthy due to their antimicrobial properties that mean they kill harmful microorganisms that can grow on our skin. Common skin infections such as acne, folliculitis and cellulitis are caused by fungi and bacteria which the lauric and capric acid in coconut oil help to kill.
  2. Coconut Oil for Dry Skin is Highly Moisturising
  3. Coconut oil has been found to be a highly effective moisturiser for dry and cracked skin. Coconut oil helps to hydrate skin and reinforce its natural defensive barrier to better retain moisture which means coconut oil for dry skin is fantastic
  4. Coconut Oil Can Help to Treat Acne 
  5. The anti-inflammatory properties that coconut oil has means it has the ability to help treat acne, which is an inflammatory condition. Not only this but both lauric and capric acid which are present in coconut oil have been shown to be capable of killing acne causing bacteria.
  6. Coconut Oil Can Support Healing
  7. Studies have proven that coconut oil has the ability to boost the level of antioxidants and collagen in our body, which both play an important role in the natural regeneration and repair process of our skin.
  8. Coconut Oil Can Help to Reduce Inflammation
  9. Another benefit of coconut oil for skin is that it can help to reduce inflammation through improving antioxidant status. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals (unstable atoms that attach to our skin) that can be inflammatory
  10. Coconut Oil Contributes to a More Even Skin Tone
  11. Coconut oil for skin has been known to help reduce dark spots, soothe facial redness and help to fix an uneven skin tone.
  12. Coconut Oil Can Help to Reduce Signs of Ageing Skin
  13. As one of the benefits of coconut oil for skin is that it helps to increase the natural production of collagen, this helps to improve skin elasticity for firmer skin. Improved skin elasticity also means fine lines and wrinkles are less likely to appear.
  14. Coconut Oil Can Help to Soften Skin
    1. Several of the fatty acids that coconut oil contains, such as capric acid, are excellent emollients that help to soften skin.