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Why Natural Skincare Products Are Worth the Extra Investment

Whenever our skin is exposed to external elements, it reacts like a sponge i,e, absorbs everything it can. Elements absorbed through our skin may include harmful chemicals and dangerous pollutants which are found not only in the environment, but also in our skincare and beauty products. For this reason, natural skincare products have become increasingly popular. They not only have no harmful side effects, but also protect your skin in the long run.

many people who do not understand the importance of using natural products over chemical formulations argue that natural skincare products are more expensive to purchase. However, these people are not aware of the potential harm caused by chemical ingredients such as Parabens and Phthalates. It is also a fact that natural skincare products are more effective in the long-term compared to other skincare products.

Here's why Natural Skincare products are worth the extra investment.

Suitability for Your General Well-Being.

"Various research studies! have concluded that there is a link between synethtic, chemical-based products and the increasing number of diseases.

As mentioned above, our skin is like a sponge. It absorbs not only environmental pollutants, but also harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours and additives found in many skincare products. These harmful chemicals and pollutants are absorbed into the blood stream and travel to all parts of your body, thereby causing reproductive, cognitive and hormonal disruptions in the body.

Healthy for Children and Family

Some harmful chemicals found in skincare products do not absorb through your skin, they cause harm in another way - they get released in the form of vapours into the environment (formaldehydes and VOCs for example) These are inhaled by your family and friends, and travel into the bloodstream through their lungs. (For example) if you have young children , chances are that they may inhale these harmful chemicals. Simply put, synthetic beauty products are not only harmful for your health, but can also impact the health of your friends and family.

Ideal for a Green Home

You might have replaced air-freshners with indoor plants, yet synthetic or chemical based skincare products, you can adapt to a socially responsible lifestyle and contribute to saving the Environment. 

Natural skincare products are often manufactured with organic ingredients such as essential oils and fruit extracts. These products improve your skin and are beneficial to your overall health. For example, Vitamin A or Retinol absorbed from Natural creams can increase the production of Collagen in your skin.

Complete Skincare package.

Your skin needs proper and regular care. An effective Skincare routine includes, Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating moisturising and protection from harmful UV rays. 

Natural Skincare products provide all these benefits in one package. They also remove the build-up of dead skin cells and serve to rehydrate your skin while maximising water retention.  Post by Healthy now.