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Why Olive Oil is a key ingredient in Evoke Skincare Products.

It's been used on skin since ancient times—even Cleopatra was a fan." From using it in the hair to using it on the eyebrows, olive oil isn't new to the beauty industry, yet still there's a lot to learn about its efficacy. Keep scrolling to find out all there is to know about olive oil for skin.


Olive oil is derived from pressing the oil out of a whole olive fruit. It's rich in monounsaturated fatty acids—healthy fats that pose a variety of health and cosmetic benefits—and also contains skin-loving antioxidants.2 "Plant oils have been used for medical and cosmetic purposes because they have a multitude of benefits," explains board-certified dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki. "Depending on the composition of the plant oil, some oils work better than others at specific issues." Olive oil is among those high-performing plant oils, and is praised for its emollient, moisturizing properties. You can find this wonder oil in anything from serums to facial cleansers.


  • Prevents water loss: "Olive oil’s main benefit is to moisturize the skin by reducing water loss. "This moisturization increases the water content of the skin, improving its health and appearance."
  • Prevents premature aging: "Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, as well as squalene,these can aid with decreasing oxidative stress on the skin (which could lead to accelerated skin aging)."
  • Heals wounds: The anti-inflammatory ingredients found in olive oil may aid in wound healing. "Triterpenes, which are present in many plant oils and in particular olive oil, aid in many biological reactions like those necessary for wound healing: cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition," she says. "They enhance wound repair by reducing the length of time for wound closure."