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Why and How I started my Evoke by Indiaura Skincare Range.


Once my holistic therapy business was established, I started to look at a more Natural Skincare Range to use in my practice and on my own skin. 

I have always had a problem with Dry, Sensitive skin, prone to Eczema and breakouts. I researched and tried many brands that were either not suitable or too expensive.

With my Evoke by Indiaura range,  my dry, sensitive, dull tired breakout skin began to heal and my skin began to look brighter, smoother, and firmer. I then began to introduce them into my practice to try on my clients.  It worked! They also noticed a difference in their skin and started asking if they could buy the products. This was my "WHY!


I work with a specialist skin care company and together we created Evoke Skincare product range. I get to choose what goes into my products and we work together to bring you products for the best possible outcome for your skin that is cruelty-free, quality natural ingredients, no parabens or sulphates and a Vegan range. I started small with a few products and now my shop and online store is filled with a range of face, body, men's, and our new C.B.D. range. Yes it's hard work, but I am passionate about my Skincare and will continue to bring my customers high quality, reasonably priced Skincare for all their needs. Hazel x